Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Should wearing sunscrean be legally mandated?

As we got into the car there was a Banana Republic commercial on the radio. P thought that was funny so I explained that it was the name of a clothing store, but, more importantly, what the meanting of that expressions was. Talking about banana republics reminded me of the Caribbean and of the missinformation I had given the kids about Bob Marley. I corrected it and explained that he died of skin cancer, not a drig overdose.

I said he probably spent lots of time on the Sun without sunscreen. The kids asked if wearing sunscreaning when on the Sun was the law. like wearing seatbelts. A said that it should be, since one would certainly get sunburned without sunscreen, while one might not get hurt from not wearing a seatbelt (unless one was in an accident). yet we all agreed enforcement would be too difficult, "of course I put sunscreen on this morning officer"... Maybe people should be forced to wear rashguards!

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