Wednesday, May 6, 2009

timely feedback

This morning N took his wallet with a few dollars to school to buy something at the bake sale. As we were getting into the car A told N that his wallet didn't suit him. This reminded me of the importance of being sensitive & timely when giving feedback or criticism. If you tell someone you don't like their wallet (or t-shirt or hat) when they will be wearing it all day there is a good chance they will feel bad that day. Instead, how about saving the feedback for a time when the person can do something about it ,e.g., take off the t-shirt or not put it on in the first place?

Of course in many situations the person wont take the criticsm personally and timing wont matter, and in others they will feel bad regardless, but I have found that there are better and worst times for giving feedback if one is concerned about the other person's well being.

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