Thursday, October 20, 2011

A New Chapter?

Last week I assembled a compilation of the posts that I liked most from this blog and published them as a Kindle Book. It is amazing how easy the process of creating a Kindle book was!

I priced it at 99 cents so that you can all afford it :-). Seriously, if you like it give it a good review. Who knows? Maybe my next career will be as a writer!

This week I started an experiment: writing a short science fiction book with the boys one mile at a time. Each kid is a different character in the novel and I am the narrator. I set the stage and move the story along and ask them to fill in their dialogues and actions. I haven't decided if I'll publish it bit by bit as it is created or if I'll wait to have the whole thing done. I'll probably experiment for a few more weeks before deciding. For now, I'll share their characters' names: Dr. Peter Zarmin, Jim Garfunkel, and Ford Freeman. Can you guess who is who?

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