Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Turning Lemons into Lemonade

Saturday we went sailing to Angel Island - then biking around it. It was a glorious day which we capped with lunch at Sam's. When we sailed to the dock at Sam's we noticed that we hit bottom (common at Sam's during low tide). We should have immediately moved the boat away but we were very hungry so we decided to eat first and then deal with the boat. After a great meal and some sweats in town reality hit: the tide had gone lower and our boat was not going anywhere until the tide came back up 4+ hours later. Lemons... This could have ruined the rest of our day. Yet we made the best of it: went to visit Cindy's parents who live nearby. The kids played some wii at their place then we borrowed their car and went home. The next morning bright and early Cindy & I drove back to Tiburon and sailed the boat back to SF. It was a particularly pleasant sail as we had the Bay to ourselves! Lemonade...

PS: I also taught the kids the R rated version of this expression, which my dear friend DC taught me: turning chicken s..t into chicken salad.

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