Monday, November 4, 2013

The important things in life

Last Monday I woke up in an existentialist mood. I asked they boys what they thought were the most important decisions in their life. All agreed that choosing their significant other and their profession were the top two. Ale & Paco also included where to live.

How do we know if we've made the right choices? We check. Periodically. Are we still enjoying our job? Do we still love our spouse? Do we still wake up every day happy with our choices? Of course we all have bad days, but if we start having more bad days than good ones it is probably time for a change. And the sooner the better. Leaving a job, girlfriend or town might seem "undoable". Yet if it is the right thing time only makes it harder. Furthermore, most people find that, after the initial shock, things are not as hard as one imagined and are often much better, e.g., you find a better job or meet a new person. People who make major life changes rarely regret them, but often regret not making them sooner.

That was a bit heavy... Oh well, these conversations can't all be "fun and games"!

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