Thursday, September 12, 2013

It is a serendipitous world

Serendipity is a huge factor in our life. You bump into an old acquaintance at a party. Turns out he just got involved in a very interesting project. Next thing you know you get involved with the project and your professional life changes drastically. Had you skipped the party or not bumped into him your life would evolve very differently. Or, even more significant: your old acquaintance introduces you to his cousin. You hit it off with her and end up marrying her and having children together! So what? Three things:

1) Pro-actively increase the likelihood of positive "random" events. If you go to the right events, spend time with the right people, and so on, there is a higher likelihood that these "opportunities" will knock on your door. Don't stay home watching TV...

2) When an opportunity comes up, jump on it. It is hard to know in advance which opportunity will be that special one in a lifetime one. If something looks special and promising, take it to the next level. Say you meet someone new that feels special. You might not know right away if she is your "soulmate". But if it seems that might be the case, look into it. Explore it. And, do it quickly. You never know when some other random event might take this person to Australia...

3) Eliminate the need for serendipity to achieve your goals. Take the example above, in which you bumped into an acquaintance involved in an interesting project, and that encounter changed your career. You could have pro-actively monitored what your personal network was doing, and reached out to anyone involved in something interesting that might be a fit for you. No need to bump into them on the street.

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