Wednesday, October 1, 2008

7 Weeks On, 1 Week Off

The kids go to a French school. The French believe kids should not be in school for more than seven weeks at a time. So we have a week off in October, two in December, one in February and one and a half in April. Then of course three months in the summer... Last time we went on a trip the kids complained about not having enough say as to our destination... So today I asked them what they want to do during the upcoming October break.

P wants to stay in SF to go to his gym's Hallowen party. N wants to go play with surfboards in Hawaii, he also liked the idea of visiting his cousins in Miami. P could also go car-camping (no hiking for him!). A isn't sure... he would probably be happy anywhere as long as he is with W or has a computer. Of course C & I want to kitesurfing. Decisions, decisions...

Yesterday we spoke about cancelation policies. How more customer friendly policies, such as full refund if there is no wind for the kitesurfing lesson, are expensive in the short term but usually pay off long term by generating happy customers and good word of mouth.

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