Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Following your bliss

C & I have been watching a great documentary about Joseph Campbell. One of the things he talks about is following your bliss. Today we spoke about that... About the importance of knowing what one's bliss is and of pursuing it. If we are fortunate, we might be able to make a living out of our passion. If not, we should still make time in our lives for the things that truly fullfil us.

I was glad to hear that N thought that we (note the plural refering to our family) were already following our bliss. P said his were science & piano. A was quiet... I asked if he was thinking about the inmortality of the crab (La inmortalidad del cangrejo). This generated much laughter. I think A is a night person, much more so than a morning person. Unlike P, who sets his alarm clock at 6am and wakes up before C & I do!

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