Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Dinner with Obama

I mentioned to the boys that I got "invited" to a dinner with Obama. The catch? The required $35K donation. N was very excited and at the same time very disappointed that I wouldn't go. A asked me an interesting question: how much would I pay to go. I wasn't sure... Not much as I've been disappointed with Obama and have no interest in contributing to his political campaign - not to mention that "having dinner with celebrities" is not really my thing. I explained to the boys that Obama would probably raise $1MM towards his reelection campaign with this dinner. And that his target was to raise one billion dollars. The boys were surprised by this. What would all that money be for? TV, Radio, Newspapers, direct marketing, etc. etc.... But, asked P, shouldn't he just be focused on being a good president rather than on raising money to run again? Ahhh, to be young and naive!

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