Thursday, September 8, 2011

If you could have dinner with anyone...

My brother read my post from yesterday and is wondering who would I pay to have dinner with. So I asked the kids today who would they choose if they could have dinner with anyone. P immediately said Douglas Adams. He is a hard core fan. P would ask him what he meant with some of the things he wrote in the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. N would like to meet Jim Carey and ask him for some acting tips. A would have liked to meet Freddy Mercury and asked him how he dealt with being so famous. So, we covered literature, acting and music. Not bad.

What about me? Since we are talking about anyone dead or alive I would choose Leonardo Da Vinci. What would I ask him? I would show him the modern world and ask him what the next few inventions should be. I bet he would come up with some pretty awesome stuff :-).

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direwolff said...

For me it would be Joseph Campbell (of Power of Myth fame). I don't have any specific questions, would just want to encourage him to talk about his spiritual views at length.