Monday, September 15, 2008

keeping the honest man honest

I am not feeling well today so C took the kids to school... But I remember a good conversation we had week before last about "keeping the honest people honest". P's friend's mom had had her car broken into and her purse stolen. I told them about the importance of not tempting people by leaving valuable things in view and within reach. Simply leave that purse in the trunk or the glove compartment and it becomes highly unlikely that someone will break into your car.

We also spoke about "the club", and how making your car a bit harder to steal than the car next to it is likely to discourage thieves from choosing it.

A few days after the conversation P told me proudly that he put this lesson into practice at school: he figured out how to make his supplies container look like it is closed securely - even though it is not really that secure. But I bet that will prevent other kids in the class from opening it and "borrowing" his eraser...

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Unknown said...

My version of this lesson is more centered on discretion. You don't brag or show off and try to make other jealous off you as it may attract unwanted attention. Keep things simple, respectful, and honest and getting along with others is much easier. Sometimes the best way to keep the honest man honest is to be one yourself. Word are valuable, but back up by example is much more powerful. I teach my girls to back their words with action.