Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Paco wanted to talk about allocating time appropriately: not spending too many hours on one project (or subject) at the expense of others, nor spending so little time it was not enough. I mentioned the 80:20 rule. Try to get to 80 percent of the project/knowledge then move on to something else. If you have extra time go back and try to get the remaining 20 percent. But better to get 80 on all subjects than 100 in some and zero in others. The challenge of course is recognizing when you are 80 percent of the way there. It takes practice... You must also we aware that getting the last 20 percent right is often the hardest, and can take longer than getting the initial 80 percent.

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cweitzman said...

doesn't happiness come from doing something really well though, beyond 80%?
i'd say identify an aptitude, invest the 10,000 quality hours mastering a skill related to that aptitude and then use any free time exploring other activities to 80%.